Why are we Fascinated by Villains and Serial Killers?!

Why are we Fascinated by Villains and Serial Killers?!

Hasn’t it crossed your mind that nowadays everyone’s interested in villains & serial killers documentaries?!

Even the movie industry is directed more into producing movies & series about villains. The last one was the MCU’S Loki which was a huge hit!

And Calm down. You’re not evil for loving them. There’s a psychological explanation! 

Evil fascinates us.

Most people find themselves attracted to the dark side, as it helps them step in the shoes of a killer or a villain from a safe side and understand their thought process.

Why are we Fascinated by Villains and Serial Killers?!

Serial killer’s stories are always captivating.

The experts say that people who are fascinated by serial killers are more intelligent than others.

As when you watch these movies and shows inspired by actual events, your brain pays close attention to the details and helps you prepare for the worst. It helps your body to evolve!

Moreover, psychologists say one of the main reasons we’re obsessed with true crime is that it allows us to feel relieved that we’re not victims.

Why are we Fascinated by Villains and Serial Killers?!

Villains are interesting & unpredictable.

Superheroes in movies are always the ultimate righteous person, which is so dull, no one’s like that in real life!

While villains are the complete opposite, they’re not pure evil. Instead, there’s something that made them evil.

They are controversial characters, with conflicts always going on within them. And we love to analyze these characters & their actions.

Also, their actions are unpredictable. You never know what’s their next step, they just never cease to WOW you!

People are drawn to characters like themselves. 

Studies have proven that we are more likely to sympathize with characters who are like us. 

And good guys are often portrayed in movies as perfect, and it’s hard to relate to them.

As we all have a dark side, just like the villains!

Fictional stories of villains may provide a safe haven for us to explore a darker side of our personality.

We desire what they have, let it be power or freedom. We just desire it on a fundamental and biological level. 

In a nutshell, being fascinated by villains or serial killers doesn’t make you an odd fish. On the contrary, you are more able to understand other people and their feelings better.  You are compassionate!

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    Written by Habiba Mashaal

    Full time fandoms & coffee addict who loves to write.

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