Teachers and School Don’t Have a Right to Push Their Beliefs On Any Student

You either follow the pass of the mob or you’re cancelled!

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Raising a child, to be a decent person is a journey, not an easy one, to say the least.

The definition of a “good person” varies from a culture to another and from an individual to another, and the specific values you believe in formulating the approach you use to raise your children.

But here’s the trick, It seems like it’s not your job alone. So many other parties play a part in raising your child. The media, the peers and the teachers in their schools participate in formulating your children.

The battle between the values you cherish and the values of the others, in your parenting journey, could be cruel and sometimes unfair!

What if the teachers are bullying you and your child into following their own values?

We were scrolling across Facebook randomly yesterday when we saw this post.

And Wow!! The whole story is as confusing and outraging as it could be.


Lamya Lotfy, a mom, lives in Sharqiyah governorate, tells how some female teachers are bullying her 7th grader daughter, Reem, to wear hijab.

When Reem and her mom expressed their rejection, the teachers offered what they thought of as a flexible solution in which Reem can wear hijab in school and take it off when she leaves, otherwise she is not allowed in the school!

Yes, Reem was threatened to be cancelled in the school, and she was given the option to be a little hypocrite and embrace a value she doesn’t want to adopt, temporarily to satisfies her female teachers.

The teacher did not just threatened and bullies the child but dared to admit it and do it with the mom.

Teachers and School Don't Have a Right to Push Their Beliefs On Any Student

In this WhatsApp conversation between Lamya and one of the teachers in her school, the teacher is telling the Lamya that hijab is a part of the school uniform and Reem needs to commit to it.

Yet when Lamya asks who decides to include hijab for a 13-year-old kid school uniform, the teacher seems to have no answer, but instead, she imposes her own values on Lamya.

We have a responsibility towards our children to teach them to be honest to themselves and what they believe in, rather than embracing hypocrisy as an exit of the daily life obstacles.



In this post, another female teacher shares Lamya’s post and explains how they want Reem to wear hijab to protect her from the boys as it’s a mixed school.

so here is what we can exclude of the teacher post:

  1. The teachers are assuming that a 13 years old child is going to sexually seduce her 13 years old boys colleagues, using her uncovered hair.
  2. The teachers in the school are unable to protect the girls from the boys’ colleagues.
  3. The school has no influence on its students’ moral behaviour and fears to lose control.

While Lamya is trying, as she’s stating in the above post, to raise her daughter, to be honest with herself. The teachers are attacking and questioning their beliefs.

When you can’t win the argument with logic, use the power of the angry mob!

Teachers and School Don't Have a Right to Push Their Beliefs On Any Student

In these comments on the teacher’s post, she claims that she is insisting on obliging Reem to wear hijab because it’s a part of the school uniform. However, in the Whatsapp conversation above, she didn’t know who exactly included hijab in the uniform. Which doesn’t make sense.

And in another comment of another teacher describes Lamia as “ribald سفيهة”, which is a classic Arabic word means someone who has no shame and very little reason.

Why Lamia and her daughter are being attacked and insulted this way?

Is it because she is fighting for her right to raise her child based on the values she believes in?
Is it because some, who live among us, cannot believe in the coexisting with those who have different values than theirs?

And what kind of society that, in which one group can impose their values on the rest of us?

Wael El-Ebrashy On a phone call with Lamya Lotfy


In his TV show, El-Tase’aa, Wael El-Ebrashy condemned the school teachers actions and stated the fact that wearing the hijab or taking it off should be a free choice and no enforcement whatsoever is accepted in this matter.

Any uniform, wherever that includes hijab or exclude hijab is sexist, classist and discriminatory. Women should be free to choose how they dress. We will consider women free when they can wear whatever they want and walk around safe and confident without any source of pressure.

A Teacher Taunts Former Student and Continues to Bully her on Facebook

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    Written by Ahmed Dahabi


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