Noisette Introduces a Premium Ramadan Nights Experience in the Heart of Cairo

Noisette Introduces a Premium Ramadan Nights Experience in the Heart of Cairo

In light of the holy month of Ramadan this year, where the mood instantaneously switches for the better and people can’t wait for what this month has to offer, many are looking for ways to beat last year’s Ramadan.

While Ramadan traditions are repetitive by nature, there are always new ways to celebrate and spend this month, one of which is the freshly introduced spot that doesn’t just offer a splendid suhoor experience. It is also located on an island next to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. So you’ll get to prepare yourself for the next day of fasting next to a historical sight, overlooking a mesmerizing view.

The Noisette name is French for hazelnut, a quintessential ingredient commonly used throughout Ramadan, whether in desserts or main dishes or even the popular Ramadan concoction, Khoshaf, a dried fruit compote.

Noisette combines luxury and modernization to be your go-to Ramadan spot. It’s located at Le Lac du Caire, where you’ll enjoy their exquisite suhoor served with a few entertainment pieces and, of course, the grandiosity of the museum.

Noisette is located at the heart of Cairo, where most of its civilization lies. So it’s time to gather family and friends along for a crème de la crème quality time! You’ll lavish in their suhoor set menu with weekly entertainment programs alongside. It’s also ideal for corporate suhoor as it accommodates up to 450 people.

Their suhoor menu is elaborate and impressive, including our favorite Arabic mezze, hummus, tarmes, and peanuts. They have the classic suhoor of tender foul, crusty falafel, white cheese, tomato, boiled eggs, and delicate omelets. They also have a modern version of suhoor where they’ll serve pastrami and tangy halloumi fetir swiss rolls and lamb sausage and chicken shawarma.

If you want to have an iftar-themed suhoor, they have an add-on mixed grill platter that includes a selection of their mouthwatering sheesh tawouk, lamb kofta, and veal kebab served with Marinated khalta rice and steamed or grilled vegetables. Not to mention their Ramadan refreshments and glazed baked breadbasket, and as for dessert, they do the famous Um Ali and the out-of-this-world special add-on dessert heavenly Qashtaleya.

Noisette is set to open on April 6 till the end of Ramadan, from 10.00 pm till 4.00 am. During the weekends, their entertainment segment features a special Star Night.

For more information, contact 01201620162 or 010006605591. You can reserve online through:

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