Everything you need to know about Netflix’s First Arabic Reality Show “The Fastest”

Debuting on November 23rd, exclusively on Netflix

Everything you need to know about Netflix's First Arabic Reality Show “The Fastest”

“The Fastest” will debut on November 23rd, exclusively on Netflix.

The six-episode first season is filled with adventure, challenges, and amazing stories about cars and the people behind the wheels.

The show will feature male and female drivers from a variety of backgrounds. The contestants came from across the Middle East to share the same passion for cars, and go head to head against each other in a thrilling car racing competition to win a cash prize.

“‘The Fastest’ is our first unscripted Arab Netflix series and it will deliver on the tenets of our content strategy with its authenticity, representation, and creativity. We know that the Arab world has a particular love for fast cars and thrilling experiences, so ‘The Fastest’ will put the best of the best through their paces for fans from the Middle East and beyond.

Our goal is to have a slate of content as diverse as our audience and we are excited to introduce a new content format for Netflix. We want to provide Arab storytellers with the tools they need to bring their vision to life, whether that’s scripted or unscripted and, with ‘The Fastest’, we hope to amplify a new pool of talent from the Arab world onto the global stage,”

said Lucy Leveugle, Director, Nonfiction Originals – EMEA.

“The Fastest” premise is a unique challenge between modified vehicles and supercars in unexpected setups such as desert, race track, roads, etc. In a journey combining wild adventure with a human element, we will witness the inspirational stories of the drivers and what pushes them forward.

The drivers will take part in an unpredictable competition, where they will be challenged and put to the test every step of the way to prove that they are the fastest.

The contestants will be joined by one of the most popular YouTubers and actors in Saudi, Tarek Al Harbi, who will be the humorous guide for the audience with his unique witty remarks throughout the 6 episodes.

“The Fastest” hits Netflix on November 23rd as the first Arabic reality show, and will be available in 190 countries around the world with 31 subtitles.

Grab some popcorn — and maybe a helmet!


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