Your Guide to the Best and Most Unusual Airbnb in Cairo, Egypt for 2021

Your Guide to the Best and Most Unusual Airbnb in Cairo, Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating country to visit, while Cairo has to be the craziest city on Earth. (Maybe after Tokyo. It weird there) But whether you love or hate it, you have to admit it is unique.

You can take the uniqueness a step further, however, and stay in one of these crazy listings to make your Airbnb in Cairo, Egypt experience even more unique!

Your Guide to the Best and Most Unusual Airbnb in Cairo, Egypt

And if you’re already a Cairo resident, why not have a vacation in your own city?

1940’s Private Villa, in the HEART of Cairo

Just based on its pictures, how cool is this place? It’s an Instagrammer’s wet dream!

Located in Heliopolis, the villa is built in the 1940s and is decorated with modern and colourful furniture that still give you the vintage feel. Every room in the villa has its unique vibes.

The vintage villa hosts up to 8 guests, which makes the price honestly more than fair enough.

These Downtown Apartments

If you’re looking to really explore Cairo, Downtown is the place to stay in. You get to experience the authenticity of Cairo, you’re minutes away from the Egyptian Museum, Cairo Tower, and not too far from the pyramids and Old Cairo.

These two listings are relatively close to each other and listed by the same host. They are probably the best downtown listings on Airbnb and given their prices as well, we’d recommend him for your stays.

Both lists have amazing interior, giving you a great vintage, colourful and cheerful vibes, yet everything is new, and you won’t be stuck with an old smelly couch.

If you really want to experience Cairo without extra shenanigans, these are the two lists we wholeheartedly recommend.

Carpe Diem Camp

According to the listing’s host, The Carpe Diem Camp is an ideal place for groups who want to Visit Cairo while enjoying the camping spirit in a beautiful green and calm area. The site has a cook and offers traditional beverages by a campfire.

The listing states that it’s a short distance from downtown, but as Cairo residents, we’re assuring you that while the distance in itself is short, traffic is always bad it will take you at least double the amount of time listed.

The place might be a bit far from everything, however, based on the pictures and the price, we think it’s worth going to, especially for families and larger groups.

The Natural Mud House

We said the 1940 villa was an Instagram wet dream; now this is a hippie’s wet dream. You can rent a mud house that’s away from all the Cairo noise, in the middle of the desert, where you can feel ” embraced by mother earth”.

Jokes aside though, this place is kinda interesting, and it’s worth a weekend visit. But we would not recommend it for a full vacation. It’s a bit far from everything, and the novelty of it is not worth it.

Snefru House

If you’re looking for a place away from all the Cairo noise, yet still screams Egypt, this might be the place for you. According to the listing, this farmhouse is a few minutes away from the Snafru red pyramids, black pyramid, and King Farouk lake. The pictures also show the Islamic inspired architect, which is an excellent contrast with the pyramids.

Given its meagre price tag, this place might be worth staying in for at least a day during your trip, or for a weekend if you’re a Cairo resident.

Dar Ward

And yet again, another farm. While this venue is definitely not cheap, it can take up to 12 guests. If you split the money, it won’t be all bad. The farm is a bit far from everything in Cairo, so again, it would be recommended for residents looking for a retreat, not for tourists.

This place might actually be the most suitable place for a big family looking for a weekend getaway.

Dahab Island Palace on Geziret El Dahab in Cairo

Why rent a room or even an apartment when you can rent your own PALACE? Geizret El-Dahab is an island located in the heart of Cairo by the Nile and overlooks the modern city as well as the pyramids while remaining away from all the noise and pollution.

According to the listing, you can enjoy private butler service for breakfast in the suite or on your private Nile terrace or in the garden. There’s also the option of having a romantic home-cooked dinner with seasonal specials from the palace’s garden.

The listing is a bit on the pricey side, but if you can afford it, it’s definitely a place to go to for at least a day.

Stunning Houseboat on the Nile

So apparently you can also book your own luxurious houseboat. Given the hefty price tag of this listing, I would not recommend this place unless you’re super-rich. Looking at you, Arabs; Hala Wallah and stuff! But also as a person who regularly gets motion sickness, I don’t mainly find the appeal of the following listing, but I know many who would like it.

According to the listing, this luxury space is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the serenity of the Nile. The upper deck is shaded for comfort and contains multiple seating areas from which you can enjoy the scenes passing you by. There is also an interior living area with TV, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. Three bedrooms with ensuites will ensure you and your guests are comfortable. The dahabeya comes fully staffed and is available to rent either in the dock or on a chartered journey in the area surrounding Cairo. Prices differ for docked and moving stays.

I still don’t get the appeal, but it’s something, right?

    What do you think?


    Written by Raghda El-Sayed

    Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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      1. Amazing article! Thank you so much. I have to add Houseboat65 to the list – it’s honestly one of the greatest stays I’ve ever had. Their location right on the Nile is breathtaking! Everything about my experience was wonderful. I adored relaxing on the balcony, watching the boats, and listening to the gentle sounds of Egyptian music drifting along the river.

        The bed was incredibly comfortable, the kitchen charming, and the decor absolutely beautiful. Plus, the breakfast was the best I had anywhere in Egypt! The hosts were incredibly welcoming.

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