The Middle East’s Best Photography Accounts on Instagram to Follow in 2021!

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The Middle East's Best Photography Accounts on Instagram to Follow in 2021!

Today, photography has turned into a significant part of our lives and has evolved into something that connects every one of us. With the world relying on social media more than ever, budding photo enthusiasts and professional photographers have the opportunity to make sure their work is seen.

Having a space like Instagram to share your work, engage with followers is a great way to build confidence in photography and compile a virtual gallery. Expression is at the heart of the Instagram experience, with tools and features aimed at helping the community creatively tell a story through photography.

In that spirit, to celebrate World Photography Day on August 19, we have put together a list of top photographers and photography-related Instagram accounts in MENA that are sure to give you a visual treat and also inspire you to pick up that camera and shoot!

Check out the Middle East’s Best Photography Accounts on Instagram to Follow in 2021:


Omar Refaat

Omar Refaat has a keen eye for patterns in the sky; his drone photography features unique compositions that draw you in and keep you spellbound!

Egypt Shots

Egypt Shots’ travel photography focuses on the hidden beauty all around the country, with a dreamlike quality to the photos that capture more than just the image.

Ahmed Hayman

Ahmed Hayman’s photos and portraits are moments frozen in time, the very opposite of “still life”, with the joy, pain and vibrancy of life just waiting to escape from the images.

Haya Khairat

Haya Khairat’s photos contrast vibrant colours with the stillness of black and white photography, moving seamlessly between a focus on patterns and moments suspended in time.

Salma El Kashef

Salma El Kashef’s photos combine a high-fashion vibe with a retro flair, switching effortlessly between seemingly candid moments and decidedly stylized imagery.

Taimour Othman

Taimour Othman’s photos take you below the surface and far up into the sky, and everywhere in between, focusing on the beauty of nature and wildlife and their multidimensional wonder.

Yehia El Alaily

Yehia El Alaily’s enchanting food, travel and lifestyle imagery and patterns draw you in, whet your appetite and suspend time, with a mixture of brightly coloured and pastel snapshots offering complex yet subtle comfort.

Coucla Refaat

Coucla Refaat’s travel and adventure photos reflect an avid interest in showcasing the beauty and joy in the world, with an artistic composition style that captures the imagination.

Noor Emad

Noor Emad’s exciting photographs exude energy and the passion for an active lifestyle, with suspended movement a central theme to both her sporting and fashion-focused snapshots.


Mous Lamrabat

Mous Lamrabat is a Moroccan photographer who studied architecture. In an auto-didactic way, he developed his own unique vision on fashion photography and later on managed to fuse his Moroccan roots, tradition and culture with the western world he grew up with.

Ismail Zaidy

Self-trained Moroccan photographer and visual artist, Ismail Zaidy, draws inspiration from his family and heritage. His sharp and ultra-graphic photography has gained a cult following, with dream-like minimalistic elements drawing on his culture and everyday life.

Fatima Zohra Serri

Fatima Zohra Serri’s most contentious work is a self-portrait with a bloodied sanitary towel covering her eyes. The unwavering gaze of her lens is smashing taboos and highlighting inequality in Moroccan Muslim culture.

Muhcine Ennou

Muhcine Ennou is a self-taught Moroccan artist, currently living in the Netherlands. Due to his motivation for a broad range of interests, Ennou taught himself photography, design, and developed interests in sound and architecture, leading to a hybrid practice in which these media feature in interdisciplinary cross-overs

Imane Djamil

Imane Djamil’s visual and literary work seeks the fine line between reality and the sublime in what she calls Mental Geographies. She’s interested in the independence of a photograph, this mysterious destiny independently from their origin.

Mohcine Aoki

Mohcine Harisse, aka Mohcineaoki, focuses his work on capturing feelings and emotions of people.

Yassine Alaoui Ismaili

Yassine Alaoui is a photographer that uses photography as a means of self-expression. The unique blend of his Arab-North-African heritage, strategy of chess, and his love for dance led him to one-of-a-kind methods of experimentation through photography.

Amira Azzouzi

Amira Azzouzi is a photographer that takes pictures as a hobby. Other than that, she’s working as an artist director with many known artists in Morocco. Her first motives focus on creativity and self-development.

Joseph Ouechen

He discovered his love for photography at age 19 when he received a Pentax camera as a gift, and he began documenting his surroundings. Through a web-based self-education, he developed an affinity for fashion and street-style photography.

Jacob Zawaq

Jacob Zawaq is a Moroccan photographer, filmmaker, and influencer who collaborates with many Moroccan artists in different fields: music, the influencing world, and the official photographer of the annual event Mawazine Festival.


Jumana Jolie

Jumana Jolie is a photographer based in Dubai and has been documenting the rise of the city for the past ten years. A wanderer at heart, she brilliantly captures the beauty of the cities she visits and has an eye for natural landscapes. You can say she’s a master at aerial photography!

Kieran Walsh

Kieran Walsh has been taking photographs since 1991. He specializes in landscapes, cityscapes & travel photography and impeccably uses his lens to capture the depth of natural landscapes.

Herald Herrera

Mostly shot on an iPhone, Herald Herrera’s photography is where you’ll discover Dubai’s “hidden gems” – unknown places you won’t usually see on television or in magazines. His unique composition, angles, and lighting capture diverse corners of the UAE and are the essence of his one-of-a-kind Instagram feed.

Debbie Fortes

Debbie Fortes is a visual artist and avid photographer. She effortlessly uses her iPhone 6 to capture a stunning glimpse of the UAE from a variety of vantage points.

Altamash Javed

Altamash Javed is an investment banker turned photographer with a passion for fine art and documentary photography. His editorial-like imagery depicts the iconic landmarks across the UAE and ties in the beauty of the cities’ landscapes with the simplicity of the old allies and harbors.

Nicolas Tohme

A visual creator with unparalleled skills in photography, Nicolas Tohme enjoys portrait, fashion and editorial photoshoots as much as he does with street, architectural, and travel photography. He captures stories and translates them into timeless visual masterworks.


Lina Mo

Lina Mo is slowly becoming a rising star in Saudi by combining fashion photography. She is expanding her horizon with new styles that can communicate her distinctive photography approach. Her feed illustrates engaging portraits which often feature subjects mixing Saudi culture with modern arts.

Tasneem Alsultan

Tasneem’s powerful imagery is an exquisite depiction of how art can serve as a medium to challenge stereotypes and engage with essential regional social issues. With an inquisitive eye and camera at hand, she offers intimate and unique perspectives into the everyday lives of her subjects.

Faisal Al Jrifani

Faisal Al Jrifani uses his Instagram feed to showcase the beauty of Saudi Arabia from a lens not many have seen before. His photography is filled with majestic scenes ranging from rocky mountainous terrains to bodies of water that embrace stunning reflections of the surroundings.

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