Humm: A food-focused Media Platform To Revolutionize the World of Food

Humm: A food-focused Media Platform To Revolutionize the World of Food

When it comes to food content, tech, and media production, HUMM is taking the digital world by storm. They’re a food-focused media company that creates Arabic digital content centered around food at the intersection of tech, e-commerce, and the creator economy.

With nearly 2 million followers, fans, and subscribers, HUMM has announced the launch of its new website, and also the first digital newsletter in Arabic (for subscribers via e-mail) specialized in delivering the latest news related to the world of food, food lovers, and its latest trends on the food scene, as well as insightful articles and meal plans

HUMM’s cross-network content offers various inspirational, educational and entertainment content – including 1-minute recipe videos, long-form shows and programs, and hundreds of articles — to fulfill its vision that the world of food is more than just how you prepare a dish, or present its ingredients.

“Our passion for creating amazing food-related content is central to everything we do. We created a world immersed in food from multiple aspects – storytelling, history, nutrition, culture, inspiration, empowerment, economics and teaching…  and that’s why our tagline is a world for food and food lovers’,”

said Magda Elsehrawi, co-founder and Managing Director at HUMM.

Humm is an emerging media platform, founded in 2018 in Cairo by a group of passionate foodies, travelers, and creators. Their primary mission is to delight, engage and inspire their viewers by showcasing different food experiences, both in Egypt and around the world, telling the diverse stories behind many dishes, showing viewers how to make that food, and being the leaders of food content in the digital world.

Humm attracts an audience of over 1.70 million viewers across prominent social media platforms and has generated more than 250 million collective views since 2018.

Magda added:

“Digital transformation has become a cornerstone of the economy in this day and age. Channels for digital communication are now the most important means of promotion and campaigning for brands, companies, and individuals, especially in light of recent global and economic events, where traditional publicity isn’t always as impactful or affordable as it used to be. 

It’s become necessary to seek alternative means of strengthening their presence in a market full of traffic. HUMM is one of those communication channels, and has become a leader in culinary content creation—we’re making a lot of noise in the world of food content more than ever, and making food culture accessible to everyone, no matter who they are or their level of experience.”

And that’s why we launched our website – to create an inclusive hub filled with our content; recipes, shows, programming, articles, tips, tricks and services to make our viewer’s life easier and more enriched with content that matters to them.”

HUMM and its innovators are among the first regional companies that made a significant leap forward in food-focused content creation and played a pivotal role in providing innovative and impactful digital solutions for audiences in this particular area.

Magda explained:

“When we develop a recipe or a show, we’re it’s not about telling people the steps or what to do – it’s about inspiring and empowering them through functional examples that they can build on, with solid advice and practical ideas to help them learn new things and solve everyday problems when it comes to food. Our content is designed to be both relatable and relevant in an era of mobile technology; which means our content also changes for each platform, be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Tiktok.

“And now, HUMM is also in email inboxes! We just launched our first Arabic newsletter via email subscription, offering the latest news related to the world of food for food lovers, and the latest trends on the food scene, as well as insightful articles and meal plans.”

HUMM’s cross-network platform offers multiple programming types, including entertainment shows related to food – taste-testing and restaurant reviews, trying out strange and exotic dishes from around the world, health and nutrition, travel and street food reviews, culture, and history. HUMM also frequently posts 1-minute / short-form recipe videos that tackle everything from traditional dishes, to fusion cuisine, to economic ideas and food solutions, time-saving meal-planning, recipes for kids and those with dietary restrictions, as well as speedy ideas, all using practical and accessible local ingredients, with step-by-step instructions.

HUM was initiated in 2018, producing more than 90 pieces of content monthly in its in-house studios, and now has a following of nearly 2 million fans and subscribers. HUMM’s content became more important with the rise of the global pandemic, where many turned to online content to learn, socialize, and become part of a community. 

Today, HUMM’s community is stronger than ever, with more than 250 million collective views worldwide, with 100 million monthly active viewers.

Regarding the HUMM SHOP, Magda said:

“Our website also has a shop – an e-commerce platform which has a range of unique products, all carefully selected to give our audience and home cooks the ingredients they need to make the perfect dishes. And we’re extremely pleased with our customer base and sales numbers so far, and our contribution to the growth of our economy.

We developed the shop on our website to complete our ‘world of food’ – so under HUMM’s umbrella, you have the social media networks, the shows, the recipes, the website, the newsletter, and also an actual shop that you can purchase ingredients from. It’s the natural evolution of HUMM’s platform, where our viewers not only watch our videos, but can also visit the links on that video to purchase the things they need to replicate those videos at home. It’s designed to be a part of the whole HUMM experience, where making food and delving into food culture all happens in one place.”

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