Annoncment: Anghami to launch Dolby Atmos Music for Anghami Plus

Anghami Plus subscribers will soon be able to experience Dolby Atmos Music making Anghami the first music streaming service from the Middle East region to adopt Dolby Atmos Music

Anghami to launch Dolby Atmos Music for Anghami Plus subscribers

Anghami, the leading music streaming company in the Middle East region, will be introducing a more emotional and authentic way to experience and connect to songs with Dolby Atmos Music.

This new experience will be made available for Anghami Plus subscribers only.

Anghami has been at the forefront of technology innovation, continuously focusing on delivering the best in class experience.

It is dedicated to providing it’s Plus subscribers with a unique and high-quality listening experience doing them the first music streaming service from the Middle East and North Africa region which will offer Dolby Atmos experience.

Members subscribing to the Anghami Plus service will have access to a growing library of music available in Dolby Atmos from leading record labels and artists.

“With Anghami’s music catalogue in Dolby Atmos, listeners will be able to experience a deeper connection with their favourite artists and songs.

We are excited to be the first music streaming service in MENA bringing Dolby Atmos Music to our Anghami Plus subscribers.”,

said Eddy Maroun, Anghami’s co-founder & CEO.

“Dolby Atmos is redefining how music is created and consumed, allowing artists and fans to experience it like never before,”

said Pankaj Kedia, Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories.

“Together with Anghami, we will be expanding the global reach of Dolby Atmos Music into the Middle East region, by enabling a more immersive and exciting way for people to enjoy their favorite songs and albums.”

Dolby Atmos Music lets listeners connect with music at its fullest capacity and creative potential – not the way most people hear music today, but a version that pulls you into a song to reveal what was lost with traditional recordings.

Listeners can discover hidden details and subtleties with unparalleled clarity.

Whether it’s a complex harmony of instruments placed around a listener, the unleashing of a legendary guitar solo, a massive bass drop that washes over you, or the subtle breath a singer takes, Dolby Atmos gives music more space and the freedom to unleash every detail and emotion as the artist intended.

To learn more about Dolby Atmos Music or Anghami, visit and

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