Abbas Aboelhassan Announces arrest of the Dentist accused of Harassing men in Clinic

Abbas Aboelhassan Claims the Arrest of the Dentist Accused of Harassing Men in his Clinic

Actor Abbas Aboelhassan announced on his Facebook account Dr Bassem Samir’s arrest. Dr Bassem Samir is the dentist accused of harassment by Aboelhassan and other men.

According to Abbas Aboelhassan, Samir was detained by the Public Prosecution on charges of harassment against him.

Abbas Aboelhassan Claims the Arrest of the Dentist Accused of Harassing Men in his Clinic
Source: Facebook

Abbas Aboelhassan made a post on his Facebook account, saying: “I have confirmed information that the fugitive dentist and serial harasser Basim Samir, has been arrested and that he is currently under the custody of the Public Prosecution Office for investigation.

He will be confronted with witnesses’ testimonies and the victims’ facts through their statements and the clips of the assault filmed in his clinic. “

He added,

“I hope the information is correct and that after the prosecution has completed a large part of the investigations of the Fairmount Incident witnesses, the turn has come to this despicable crime.”

As of now, the information is yet to be officially confirmed by the Public Prosecution Office.

It is worth noting that along with Aboelhassan, Tamim Younis spoke about alleged harassment from the same dentist in an instagram post.

He said he had visited the dentist while he was 22 upon the recommendation of his fiancée and her family after suffering from tooth pain.

Later, a statement by the Public Prosecution office explained that the prosecution had received a notice on September 1 from the attorney of three people about a dentist who had sexually abused them.

It was then that Aboelhassan said, “I submitted an official report to the Public Prosecution and the Attorney General through the lawyer Hassan Abul-Einin as a representative of Abbas Abul-Hassan Abbas Muhammad and Tamim Hafez Ahmad Yunis and others against the sexual harasser, Dr. Bassem Samir Nashed Fahmy, better known as Bassem Samir. This is about incidents of sexual harassment and legal measures are being taken.”

However, the accused, Dr. Bassem Samir, issued a statement on his clinic’s Facebook page, condemning the accusations against him, and describing them as attempts to blackmail him and harm his reputation and his professional and personal standing, and even harm all his family members.

The doctor added in the statement, “What was recently published and circulated on the social media is an organized and systematic crime with despicable goals to slander me and harm my reputation.”

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